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Thu, May 18, 2017 7:58 PM


Creating 2 networks, one on 5Ghz one on 2.4 only

I have an existing Ruckus network that we moved to a new location, they are getting 750 Meg internet so I want to keep them on the 5Ghz network to take advantage of the faster speed.  Problem is a few devices only operate on the 2.4.   It seems the zone director only sets broadcast at the access point not on the network configuration.   How can I create one network that broadcasts in 5Ghz only and a  second network t that only broadcasts in 2.4?


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4 years ago

WLAN groups coupled with AP groups helps. There is a WLAN group override option in the AP group. If you build a WLAN group for "visitors" and a WLAN group for "employees (for example), then you can go to the AP group and assign the visitor WLAN group to the 2.4GHz radio and the employee WLAN group to the 5GHz radio. That way visitors can only connect to 2.4GHz and employees can only connect to 5GHz. Just one scenario.
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4 years ago

You can use two SSIDs, ie 'WLAN-24g' and 'WLAN-5g' that are only advertised on the single bands, managed

by creating a WLAN group for each one, and applying it to that locations APs in an Access Point group.  Under

the AP group's settings, under Radio B/G/N (2.4 GHz) and Radio A/N/AC (5 GHz) sections, override the WLAN

Group, and choose the 'WLAN-24g' WLAN group under the 2.4 radio section, and your 'WLAN-5g' WLAN group

under the 5 radio section.

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4 years ago

Michael, I tried to do something similar on this site without luck.   I create the new network named 2.4, i created the new Access Point Group but there are several areas to select override system default.     Do I do it in channel range or in radio settings?

Also, I created the 2.4 access group but I can't figure out how to tie a network or wlan group to an Access Point group.

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2 years ago

I'm in the same boat as Kevin. Here's what I'd like to do -- and would love any advice on how to do this via my Zone Director across mutiple access points

1) Two SSIDs -- Roamer and Roamer-IoT
2) Roamer is both 2.4 and 5 Ghz.
3) Roamer-IoT is only 2.4 Ghz.

This way, the IoT devices are segmented to a different WLAN -- but more importantly, can only try to connect via 2.4 Ghz for greater resiliency.

How would I implement this on the ZD? 






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2 years ago

Hello Neil,

You can follow the below article that better explains how to create and map Wlan group to a AP group.

This would require configuration of a new wlan group and as per your requirement AP zone if needed.

The best way would be opening a case with Ruckus support so that we can explain this better on call and remote session . This configuration assistance wouldn't take more then five minutes.

You can open a case via WEB through below link :

or call Support

Best Regards

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a year ago

I have discovered how to accomplish this with the SZ-100. I have 3 SSIDs, Lets just call them WiFi 2.4GHz only, WiFi 5GHz only and WiFi Auto. Credit to me figuring out the first part goes to Christopher Scott at:
I created the 3 WLANs with their SSIDs being for example: "WiFi 2_4GHz only", "WiFi 5GHz only" and "WiFi Auto". (if you are trying to modify an existing WLAN then just clone it and just change the SSID of the/each new WLAN)

Then added two WLAN Groups – one called “2.4GHz” and another called “5GHz” 

Then specify which WLANs should be a member of which group. For this example set "WiFi 2_4GHz only" as a member of "2.4GHz", "WiFi 5GHz only" as the member of "5GHz" and "WiFi Auto" as a member of both "2.4GHz" and "5GHz".

Finally, go to Access Points then in the tree, go to System -> Default Zone -> default (or whichever access group your access points are in) and edit that Access Group and set the WLAN Group override setting to ON then use the WLAN Group drop-down menus to specify each of your WLAN Groups to associate with each radio band.

Because the "WiFi Auto" SSID is a member of both groups, anyone connecting to that SSID can be automatically transitioned between the radio bands while the other 2 SSIDs are members of only their respective group so they will be restricted to only the band of which the SSID is a member.