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Thu, Jan 11, 2018 8:10 PM


Change log in ZD1200?

I need to check when a certain parameter was changed in my ZD1200 (fw 9.13.3).
I have several backups but they are not text so I cannot know which is the first that includes the change.
Is there something like a log of configuration changes I can check?



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3 years ago

Hello Andres,

    Best Practices say to 'sometimes' take a ZD configuration backup, and 'always' take one before
an upgrade.  *And you need to add some digits to your filenames, to identify what version and date
on your backup files!

    If you have previous backups, you need to be running the version they were saved on, but will
have to look at the Admin screens to determine any changes... there isn't a Text output of configs
that can be compared offline I'm afraid.