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Fri, Aug 9, 2013 7:10 PM

Cannot connect to Internet through SSID created

Have a Verizon router passing DMZ through to a NetGear router handling DHCP.

Ruckus is behind the NetGear.

When I plug directly into the Ruckus' ethernet port, I can get an IP address from the Netgear and I have Internet access.

However, when I create two new SSID on the Ruckus, I do not get an IP address from the Netgear nor do I get Internet. All I get is a 169.254.x.x. address.

If I set the wireless adapter to a static IP, I can get through to the Internet. For some reason, DHCP is not getting through to the wireless.

Cannot figure out why DHCP is not getting to wireless portion.


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7 years ago

Have a look at this KB on configuring an AP in standalone router mode.