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Wed, Nov 26, 2014 11:32 AM


Can I separate 2 DHCP servers each on a different port of the ZD?

Hi there,

I have a zonedirector box which is connected to 2 networks (10.228.30.* and 10.228.158.* each with a DHCP server) using its 2 network ports. I've set up 2 SSIDs. Ideally I'd like one SSID to connect through on one port and the other SSID to use the other port (and hence other network), but I can settle for just blocking one of the DHCP servers. As I don't have full control over every switch, ideally I'd like the solution to be a Zonedirector config only.
Is this possible?




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6 years ago

Hi Niels Puttemans,

ZD's 2 ethernet ports are bridged together and logically is a one port. You will need to have layer 3 switch capable of doing VLAN's to acheive what you are looking for.

I am afraid just with Zonedirector, its not feasible and possible at this time.