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Tue, Mar 19, 2019 5:14 AM

Assign different IP range to WLAN

2 WLANS manage by ZD 1200
PWLAN = for local workstations
WifiWLAN = for internet access
DHCP servers assigning IPs

PWLAN is working well, now I want separate WifiWLAN from our local subnet how can I accomplish it, (ex: assign to WifiWLAN)

we have 2 gateways for workstations without internet and for workstation with internet

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3 y ago

Depending on what switch / firewall infrastructure you're using you should be able to assign different VLANs to each SSID / WLAN and then use a trunk connection to the ZD1200 with the two VLANs as members. DHCP allocation on each VLAN can then assign different IP ranges and your switch/firewall can block traffic between VLANs.



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3 y ago

Hi Robert,

This will be simple. 

Make sure there is vlan pool available on your local subnet for WifiWLAN and there is a route available towards internet.

Add local subnet vlan ID to WifiWLAN at configuration -> Wlan -> advanced options.

Configure the Switch port where APs are connected as Trunk and allow Local subnet Vlan as member of it.

If still need help, I request you to log a support ticket with us and one of our Engineer will help you on phone.

Ravi Teja

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