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Sat, Apr 29, 2017 6:27 AM

AP stay disconnected on vSZ after adding it to a group

I can register an AP to a vSZ normally, then I can move it from staging zone to my own created zone successfully. Then I assigned the AP to an AP group, and then it stays disconnected. 
Ping to AP is replying. Please kindly advise.


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4 years ago

Hi Arranda,

Be sure to check that all the required ports are open.

What version of vSZ are you running ?

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4 years ago

AP is ruckus 7762-S

the AP is connected at first, state says "connect" and configuration is "new configuration"
after a while it goes to "disconnect"

i believe all required ports are opened

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3 years ago

have you solve this issue? for me AP is R710 and vSZ Funny things everything fine with R500, R300 and R310 AP on the same network. I guess its not firewall issue too.