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Thu, Jul 6, 2017 1:15 PM

AP oid status

I have a potential client with Ruckus ap's and controllers, that I would need to monitor using SNMP. The question I have is what is the LicensedAPs OID returning - assume its just the access points assigned to that controller, but not their status, (up/down)?
I am trying to determine if I can monitor the status of the AP's by only looking at the controller, or if I need to monitor the status of each AP individually. 


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4 years ago

Hi Mehdi,

Please refer AP SNMP Reference Guide 9.10, and check if below MIBs serve your purpose.

ruckusZDWLANAPEthPhyLinkStatus 1.10

This OID would give you AP licenses on the ZD1100.

Abilash PR.