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Wed, Aug 9, 2017 5:51 PM

Announcement: ZoneFlex MR3 Refresh3 is now available on Support

Ruckus is happy to announce a new ZoneFlex (MR3 Refresh3) software release,
incorporating many important bug fixes and security updates.  Below are the Support site link
URLs for you to find Release Notes, FW images, and SNMP MIBs.

ZoneFlex 9.13.3 (MR3 Refresh3)Release Notes:


ZD1200 (MR3Refresh3) Software Release:


ZD3000 (MR3Refresh3) Software Release:


ZD5000 (MR3Refresh3) Software Release:


ZoneDirector (MR3Refresh3) SNMP MIBs (.zip):


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