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Mon, Oct 30, 2017 9:53 PM

Announcement: ZoneDirector 10.0.1 MR Refresh (KRACK fix) is Available on Support


    Please continue to refer to Ruckus KRACK resource center page for current updates: 

    Today, ZD MR1 Refresh is released for your upgrade needs and includes
fixes for WPA2 KRACK Vulnerabilities as described on the page above.  Please feel free
to share and distribute the following links asyou have need.  

ZoneDirector 10.0.1 (MR1 Refresh) Release Notes:


ZD1200 (MR1 Refresh) Software Release:


ZD3000 (MR1 Refresh) Software Release:


ZD5000 (MR1 Refresh) Software Release:




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