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Fri, Jun 1, 2018 6:05 PM

Announcement: ZD MR3 Refresh7 and MR1 Refresh1

Ruckus is pleased to announce that we're updating our firmware to meet requirements of Radios
Equipment Directive (RED) in Europe, and releasing new firmware with related modifications on
our related controller platforms.  We have new ZoneDirector for ZD1200/ZD3000/ZD5000 on the
9.13 and 10.1 trains. (version 10.1 includes support for new E510 embedded AP)  Please find the
documents and firmware images at these Support site URLs to share with your customers and
contacts who are interested.

ZoneFlex 9.13.3 (MR3 Refresh7)Release Notes:


ZD1200 (MR3 Refresh7)Software Release:


ZD3000 (MR3Refresh7) Software Release:


ZD5000 (MR3 Refresh7)Software Release:


ZoneDirector (MR3Refresh7) SNMP MIBs (.zip):




ZoneDirector 10.1.1 (MR1Refresh1) Release Notes:


ZD1200 (MR1Refresh1) Software Release:


ZD3000 (MR1Refresh1) Software Release:


ZoneDirector (MR1Refresh1) SNMP MIBs (.zip):


ZD5K is not supported past version 10.0, so not in 10.1+ releases.


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2 years ago

thanks for the info ! 

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