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Tue, Jul 2, 2013 11:01 PM

7761CM Question

Description: We have a 7761CM that will not work unless you power the unit with the cable power and the 12 volt dc .

1 . With the cable ac / signal hooked up , the modem is working but unit Wi-Fi will not work, and you cannot see unit on network .
2. With the cable ac / signal hooked and 12 volt dc hooked ,WI-FI works and you can see unit on network

Any suggestions ?


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The CMAP supports the following power sources:
■ Power over Cable (POC): 40 to 90 VAC supplied through the RF coaxial cable
(attached to Connector B) that is connected to the cable modem termination
system (CMTS) backbone. POC is the primary and conventional source of power
for the CMAP.

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