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Fri, May 8, 2020 7:15 AM


.1x authentification with TLS-Certificates and NPS for non-Domain-computers


we are in the middle of setting up a secure Wifi for a customer.
As the Network will have access to internal Servers we want to protect it with client-certificates.

Some of the Computers are in the Domain. They will get their certificates via auto enrolment.
But some computers are not joined to the Domain.
How do i enroll a certificate in the Windwos AD/CA for a non-Domain Computer?

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Joscha Knobloch


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9 months ago

Hi Marius,

You can use Cloudpath which supports provisioning to any type of users (domain/non-domain/BYOD) using a provisioning SSID over WISPr authentication.

Syamanak Omer


Syamantak Omer