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Tue, Jul 20, 2021 5:36 PM

upgrading Access Points from ZF7962 to R510

Hi – We currently have a Ruckus Zone Director ZD3050 with about 30 ZF7962 access points running version build 58. We are keeping the ZD3050 because it’s fairly new, but we are replacing the ZF7962 access points with ZF R510 (model 901R510US00) to work with this controller. I’m looking for some direction on the best way to upgrade, without taking down the entire wifi network. If I configure each AP for the Zone Director, will the R510 access points function on version build 58 temporarily? My thinking was to replace several a day until complete, then if they all function on version build 58 once all are installed, then upgrade the controller to the latest version, which of course will upgrade the access points. Please let me know if this will work. Also trying to find out what the earliest version of firmware the R510s will work with - please help - Thank you!


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8 d ago

Unfortunately the R510s start at 9.13, so you have a big gap there.  Are the WLANs possibly able to be set up as Autonomous WLANs so they may work without the ZD?  If so, you'd be able to upgrade the ZD to 9.13 to support the new APs and just leave the 7962s without a ZD.

Alternatively, the R510s do support Unleashed, so that may be a different option in the interim.

Please note that the ZD3000 is end of support and stops at 10.2.  Any future AP such as an R550 will not be supported, and the only current ZD is a ZD1200 (everything over 150 APs is a SmartZone).

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2 d ago

The mounting kits also come with a couple of screws with plastic anchors, so you can screw them straight into the ceiling.

Quite often when I buy 2nd hand Ruckus APs they're attached to L shaped metal wall brackets like the one here: Maybe the R500 lender/seller has some of these lying around? (I have a bunch spare, but I'm in NZ).

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