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Sat, Nov 11, 2017 5:12 PM

WLAN SSID Login Boarding

Hello All,

I want to ask.

Currently we using ruckus controller vSZ-H, and we have planning to using 802.1x WPA2 Enterprise and i have problem with authentication login boarding.

Here some requested from our customer wanted :

1. When the client selects the desired SSID a form appears asking for username and password ( 802.1x )  When the clients enters the username checks whether the client is a guest or employee.

2. If the user is a Guest, then he only gets Internet access only.

3. If the user is a Employee, it will get Internet access and local network/server.
4. Another else it might if the user is Employee , it will just get local network only.

I knew Cloudpath can do that but Is it possible i can do those requirement just with NPS windows Server 2008/2012.

can NPS Server showing secure boarding like  as Clouldpath.
which is have 3 option, where is user is Employee, guest or else after done login with 802.1x.

anyone can help me.

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4 y ago

I'm not an expert in Windows AD services, but it's there, or the Radius Service, you should find the answers, I think.The 802.1x auth simply ask it the entered credentials can be allowed online, and provide a 'GROUP' to test against.
1: What kind of 'guests' do you provide a 802.1x user/pass to?
Would it not be a simpler solution to simply use the build in Captive Portal on a Guest SSID for them?
2: If you need to diverse authenticated users, you might wanna look into dynamic VLAN's, and move the users between 2 or more VLAN's, differentiating what they can access.

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