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Mon, Aug 27, 2018 5:49 AM

H320 not being picked up by SZ100

Hi All,

I'm busy deploying a new SZ 100 with H320 Access Points on a New Ruckus ICX7450 and ICX 7150 network, I'm having a issues with the H320's not populating on the SZ. I'm able to ping both devices from each other, 

What could the issue be?

What i also can see a flagged msg on the cluster after the firmware upgrade. 

Node not responding? any ideas


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3 y ago

Hi Skaap2.0

What version is on the AP and what version is the controller running?

Kind regards

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2 y ago

Hi All, 

Im currently having the same issue as above, my SZ is running and my H320 AP's are running 

The SZ and AP's can ping each other but the AP's will not be seen on the SZ 100. 

Can someone assist here? 


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