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Tue, Mar 27, 2018 4:21 PM

Error when authenticating user RuckusApi Client when password needs to be hash md5

I am using an external captive portal and I need for authentication to be passed the password field in md5. The php md5 function is working and is passed via header json, but return error 301. Could anyone help me? I ́m using a Virtual Smart Zone - Essentials.

Follow code below:

   public function login($username, $password, $ue_ip = NULL, $ue_mac = NULL) {
    $data = array(
      'Vendor' => 'Ruckus',
      'RequestPassword' => $REQUEST_PASSWORD,
      'APIVersion' => '1.0',
      'RequestCategory' => 'UserOnlineControl',
      'RequestType' => 'Login',
      'UE-IP' => $ue_ip,
      'UE-MAC' => $ue_mac,
      'UE-Proxy' => '0',
      'UE-Username' => $username,
      'UE-Password' => md5($password)
    return $this->apiRequest($data);

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