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Tue, Jul 28, 2015 1:38 PM

Wi-Fi connectivity limit

We've started to use Ruckus Wireless AP in our office, and we've noticed that when 30 users or so are using the Wi-Fi network at the same time - new users can not connect to the network, and sometimes the active connections start to disconnect (after someone disconnects - another one can connect instead of him).
I can't find any reason for this issue and I'm kinda lost (I only found that it's supposed to work for 100 connections or so).
Does anyone have an idea?


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5 years ago

What type of authentication are you using?  All wifi clients since 2005 should support a WPA2 (not Auto), AES (not mixed) configuration for maximum encrypted client count per radio, per AP.  Open Auth (only) allow the max numbers published by Marketing.

Here's where I was going with my WLAN authentication question.