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Thu, Mar 30, 2017 12:44 PM

Uninstable wifi connexion

Hi I have a network with 70 R300 and 13 R500 in a hotel with a SZ100 controller
connexion in room are really unstable.
Some devices have repeatydealy connexion and deconnexion issue (most are Iphone, IPAD, Mac book)
Did you have any solution for me please?
i am extenuated

bellow you have some logs from my network if it can help you?




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4 years ago

Where are you located?  Have you worked with a hotel partner to fine tune the network?  What kind of signal strengths are you getting in the rooms?

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4 years ago

i get arround -70dbm in room.
i am located in Ghana

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4 years ago

As this setup is important to you i suggest you to open a case via so our support team can assist you.

From the information you have provided above we cannot say directly were the issue is, as many info is still missing.

Kind regards