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Mon, Feb 23, 2015 8:22 AM

How to prohibited user (using AAA Server (AD)) whom try to connect from broadcast SSID?

Hi All,

I've a problem to prohibited the user that try to connect SSID in ZD 1100.
i was made 3 SSID (BOD, Corporate and Guest), and all is visible.
I'm using AAA Server (Active Directory) to authentication.
the Question is :
"How to prohibited the user (Guest, Corporate) whom try to connect to SSID BOD even though they have authentication in AD?"

All, Thanks for your help.
(Sorry for Bad English ";)





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6 years ago

ZD employs role based access (RBA) which means you generate groups

You'll need to define 2 groups under the Config :: Roles. You'll enable the SSIDs each group can connect to. You'll need to configure the Group attributes to match those in the AD so a user will be applied to the right group.

As best practice I would suggest that you leave the default group as is, just disable ALL SSID there in the group.

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Hi Primoz,

Thanks for your opinion. 

I'll try to configure Group Attributes in AD and reply back soon :)

Many Thanks