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Mon, Aug 13, 2018 11:54 PM

how to get entitlement for ZD1200

I referred an article to get entitlement file for ZD1200, and I can download a spt file which is about 1kB, but when I upload at administer->support it seems not working.


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2 years ago

Hi Junlan,

From the database I see that the support contact is not purchased or activated for the serial number 411738000108.
If you have purchased support contract and not registered ,please contact our customer support team to get it registered. 


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Hi Santhosh,

Thanks for helping it.
We purchased the controller and APs from Tessco, so the support contract should be covered at least for the first year, right?
Also, how to contact customer support team? Can you share their email address or any other ways to reach them?