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Thu, Jun 3, 2021 7:48 PM

tagging a VLAN on lag port

Hi all,

I have an ICX7150 with a lag port that uplinks to a 7650. 

I created a new VLAN that I need to tag, so I can have this traffic flow between the two switches.

When I do this, do I need to tag the vlan on the lag port, or just on the ethernet ports that make up the lag port, or tag all of them (ethernet ports and lag ports)?



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6 m ago

Hi David,

Hope you are doing Great!!!

You can do on lag port that should be fine.

here is sample snippet

config t

vlan 3000

tag lag 1

write mem

Hope this helps.

Best Regards





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6 m ago

If the lag is already created, you will tag the lag id to the vlan. Here is an example where lag id 1 is already created:

**existing lag in configuration***

lag test dynamic id 1
 ports ethe 1/3/1 to 1/3/2


**tagging lag to vlan 711

SSH@ICX#conf t

SSH@ICX(config)#vlan 711

SSH@ICX(config-vlan-711)#tag lag 1
Added tagged port(s) lag lg1 to port-vlan 711.

In the config:

SSH@ICX(config)#show run vlan 711
vlan 711 by port
 tagged lag 1

If the ports were in a vlan prior to the creation of the lag, those vlan tags should already be present (ports converted to lag syntax). 

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