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Sat, Oct 23, 2021 5:42 AM

Mimic Protected Port with private vlans?


I need to isolate ports in a vlan, ala "protected port" but I can't use protected port because it disables the multicast paging feature of the voip set. 

I tried to setup private vlans, but you can't create a router-interface under a private vlan, from what i understand. 

Is there another way to achieve sub-vlan isolation without private vlans or protected port? 

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3 m ago

Hi Corey,

Hope you are doing great!!!

You can use Access-list, but then you specify based on IP or MAC address, so all device IP addresses will have to be managed via the ACL.  But has to managed and wiht limited scopes if you do not have too many devices to configure.

Hope this helps.



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