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Tue, Aug 31, 2021 12:08 AM

ICX7150-C12P 10G SFP+ license

Hi there,

I just purchased an open-box ICX7150-C12P, but it turns out that there isn't a 10G license on there. How do I go about upgrading this license?


show license

is showing

Unit  License Name    L3 Premium Port Speed Upgrade   Speed    Ports    MACsec
1     2X1G            No         No                   10G      0        NA



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2 m ago

Looks like I need to purchase the license for BR-ICX-7150C-21U210R-P-01. What is the best way to buy this license?

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device# license install perpetual 1 4x10gr


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@robert_wlodarczyk The licenses are available from many resellers on the Internet; a search for the license part number should find options.

Keep in mind that the license is just a document; you can follow the manual's instructions for installing a license even before you've received the document.

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