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Tue, Jun 15, 2021 11:44 PM

ICX 7150-C12P temperature sensor questions

So I'm a Lennar home user here and stumbled across 2 temperature questions I was curious about.

1 - Does anyone know what the different temp sensor locations are in the switch?  Best I could find was an old Terry Henry vid about the 7250-24P and sensor 1 was 'management thermal plane' and 2 was PoE.  The 7150-C12P seems to have at least 4 sensors (using the 'show chassis' command).  I wonder if the additional sensors are because it's fanless?

2 - I've updated the firmware in both the switch and my R510 AP to add the switch into the AP's Unleashed dashboard.  In the R510 AP Unleashed dashboard the switch temperature in the Health status section shows a 5th cooler temp that's different from the 4 that show up with the 'show chassis' command.  Where is Unleashed getting that temp from?

What made me look for all this was because I was thinking about adding a small auxiliary fan inside the media cabinet, I am going to be using 7 PoE devices on this switch, currently using 5 and the PoE budget is ok for more.

R510 firmware -

7150-C12P firmware - SPS08090j

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