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Tue, Mar 30, 2021 6:50 PM

ICX 6610 debug information

Hello, I have a ICX 6610 and when I did a show debug command, it always have that:

Debug message destination:  Console
vtable_sync debug enabled for all ports
vtable_sync debug enabled for port INVALID

Even if I do a undebug all, I have always vtable_sync debug.  What is that?  How remove it?  My 6 others ICX 6610 router don't have that...

Thank yoU!

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8 m ago

Hello Ala,

'undebug all' usually clears all debugs, You can upgrade to FI 8030u image to see if that recovers. Otherwise Pls open a support case so one of us can look into the problem and rectify.



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