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Mon, Jun 28, 2021 4:23 PM

how i configure multiple vlans in a port in a Ruckus 7150-c12p switch

Hi, i have the need, to make a 3 vlans configuration in a single port because we have a H510 Ruckus AP, and we need to have 2 SSID in a diferent vlans and we dont know how i can configure the port.


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5 m ago

Hello Arturo,

Initially, you will need to create the VLANs, and then, you can add the ports to belong to the VLANs you just created.

For example, you're connecting your APs in ports 1/1/1 and 1/1/2, and you need them to belong to VLANs 20 and 30 and VLAN 1 as native VLAN for management.

in global configuration mode:

ICX-switch(config)#vlan 20 30
ICX-switch(config-mvlan-20*30)#tagged eth 1/1/1 e 1/1/2

ICX-switch(config-mvlan-20*30)#sh vlan brief e 1/1/1

Port 1/1/1 is a member of 3 VLANs
VLANs 1 20 30
Untagged VLAN   : 1
Tagged   VLANs  : 20 30

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Thanks i will make a test and reply

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