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Tue, Mar 9, 2021 1:19 PM

vSZ100 WAPs showing online when they are not (when moved)


My application requires us to move WAPs around from different AP Zones.

We have an issue where when we have a WAP that is offline, and we move it to a new zone, the WAP will show itself as online, even though it is definitely NOT.

Any reason why, and how to fix?  Bug?



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9 m ago

Hi Dave,

Seems like a cosmetic glitch.

Try accessing controller from google chrome incognito window. If issue is still not fixed, you may have to reindex (no downtime or service impact) the vSZ database from CLI.

vsz_cli> enable 
vsz_cli# debug 
vsz_cli(debug)# reindex-elasticsearch-all  

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