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Tue, Aug 24, 2021 10:52 AM

Virtual SmartZone- High Scale - VMware datacenter decom

Hi all, hope your well in these challenging times.


We are about to decommission one of our old data centers and I need to move the vSZ-H to a new VM-hosts in a new location.

I can recreate everything there like ip vlans etc. however is there a proper way of doing this regarding licensing should I migrate or move?

I have previously had some challenges migrating virtual F5 bigIP it seem that the license where locked to the mac address on the virtual network interface.


Are there any similar considerations that I need to make before we go ahead?

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2 m ago


As per your previous experience; a virtual SmartZone's serial number is derived from the IP and MAC of the host VM, therefore any change of host will result in a new serial number being generated.

This is (relatively) standard practice and you will just need to contact Ruckus support with the old and new serial numbers details and request your licenses be transferred.

There is some useful information here: https://unleashedsupport.ruckuswireless.com/answers/000006122

I hope that helps.


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Hi, and thanks for quick and precise answer, this was exactly what I where looking for awesome.

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