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Fri, Jan 22, 2021 12:30 PM

SZ-100 service offline

I have issue with SZ-100. From time to time service like Web is going offline.

Service start and service restart commends are not helping.

Is it possible that only reload can help in this situation?

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1 y ago

Hi Jaroslaw,

I would suggest you to open a support ticket (if you have support on it).

The web service should always be online.



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1 y ago

Open service case, it looks like a hardware problem. I have never seen services on vSZ going down without reason. May be RAM or HDD issue...

Anyway, set service log level for affected service to debug and look later for messages in log file at moment when service stopped. What firmware version you have? If this is some file corruption, upgrade to latest version may fix issue.

Hope it helps.

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