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Wed, Jun 23, 2021 2:22 PM

SZ API query for specific attributes

I am trying to get some information using the API. The URI is



{ "filters": [ { "type": "DOMAIN", "value": "blah" } ], "attributes": [ "*" ] }

then it returns all information, but if I do

{ "filters": [ { "type": "DOMAIN", "value": "blah" } ], "attributes": [ "ip" ] }

then it returns nothing ("ip" is one of the items returned with "*").

I can see how the API command becomes an SQL command, but I can't work out the column names I need to put in the "attributes" array.

Any advice gratefully received

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5 m ago

Alternatively, does anyone have examples of scripted use of the API, or links to any good resources? The only ones I can find mention the filters, and say that "attributes" is an array of strings, but I can't find any examples of working code


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