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Mon, Aug 30, 2021 6:44 PM

Smartzone - Switch Custom Event/Alarm EER-Disable not triggering ?

Hi fellows, my environment in question is about one smartzone and 100 managed icx switches.

To the point. I am try to see when a port of the switches goes in the ERR-Disable state due of the bpdu protect acting up. In the smartzone network -> switches -> anyswitch -> Ports / Port Details, there still no column about  ''state'' as in the show int brief, no the status column do not reflect blocked/learning or err-disable state information, of the port. Looking at the events or alarm of the eer-disable log not shows too. So I tried to create a custom event - Events -> Switch Custom Events. Like this 

This alarm/event is not triggering too.  Any idea why and how can I fixed it ?


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9 d ago

Hi Rafael,

Please open a case with Ruckus support and report the issue.

A fix is available for this issue. Update the case number here so that I can follow up.

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