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Thu, Oct 29, 2020 8:07 AM

Smart Zone UTC Time ..how to change UTC time

hi ,, am working with a new Smart Zone Installation ,,during setup the time was configured correctly and NTP is configured,, now the system time and system-UTC time doesn't match .. is there any way to modify Sytem-utc time.



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1 y ago

Hi Anvar,

This is well known issue, I had this problem before. I could not change it even via cli.

Awaiting for some advises...

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Dears ...do you think it will affect radius authentication process ...if the UTC time is not correct will it affect.

i was troubleshooting Radius issue then this came to mind  


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Please open a tac case. This may be addressed in recent release

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7 m ago

Same problem here everything works fine but i use schedules to disable certain networks so setting the time correctly is a pain i wish this would get fixed. This seems like a smaller fix not sure why literally years later its still a problem.

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