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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 1:56 AM

Should I use vSZ & vSZ-D on single machine?

Hey guys,

I have a quick question pertaining to the two instances I listed above. I'm currently building out a server, and was wondering if it's wise to install both instances on a single VM (obviously I'd leave some cushion on specs for these to work in-sync) . I'm wanting to centralize all traffic, and have it tunneled back to our colo utilizing these two instances. It's just, I'm not entirely sure what's recommended if it's best to combine these two on a single server.

I'm currently on mitxpc.com building it, and was curious if anyone else has done the single server with these two instances. 

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4 m ago

Hi Kris,

As per design, vDP can still work and offer data path to the APs when vSZ is down, so in that case, if your vSZ VM had any outage, vDP will still work and client will still be able to connect to the APs.

If you consider the above scenario and do not want single point of failure (VM host) then it is best to deploy them on two different VM hosts.

Please note, you can still deploy both on same VM host and it should work just fine.

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