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Tue, Jul 20, 2021 7:43 AM

Ruckus vSZ stuck on halting after configuration.

I installed a vSZ on a Hyper-V, the deployment worked fine the config website starts up.

After I finish the configuration via webUi the vSZ uses "halt -f -d -n" and get stucked at this point the VM is doing nothing...

I was trying to install the vSZ via Shell got the same issue.

I have no option to save the configurations

any ideas?

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4 m ago

This is most likely happening because you haven't assigned enough resources to the VM as per the setup guide. I believe the minimum for <100 devices is 2 cores, 14GB RAM.

As long as you are at or better than those specs, the VM should configure fine and reboot once complete.

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Worked for me :) thanks 

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