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Wed, Sep 23, 2020 3:53 PM

LDAP Auth for SSID Virtual Smart Zone

Is it possible to setup LDAP Authentication on a Wireless SSID? If so How?

We have an LDAP AAA Server setup which is used by our Web Authentication Portal but when setting up another SSID using 802.1x we are unable to choose the LDAP Authentication Server.

SSIDS do not Proxy thier AAA Requests in our setup, they are set to break out from the AP locally.

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1 y ago

Hi Stephen,

LDAP authentication is only available when WLAN is configured in below combination.

1. Hotspot+Open+ LDAP (controller as proxy)

Authentication type: Hotspot(WISPr) 
Method: Open
Encryption: Any/Open
Authentication service: Use the controller as proxy (Only proxy is supported)

2. Web Authentication+Open+ LDAP (controller as proxy) or LDAP non proxy

Authentication type: Web Authentication 
Method: Open
Encryption: Any/Open
Authentication service: LDAP (proxy) or non proxy. Both are supported.



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