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Wed, Nov 24, 2021 12:48 PM

How to modify the DataPort Native Vlan ID?

Hi All,

I am using Ruckus vSZ-Essential and zSZ-D.

All WIFI traffic will be in RucksGRE Tunnel and sent to the DataPlane Dataport forwarding data out with Vlan 25 tagged.

The DataPort connects to the Cisco switch Port 1/0/1, is configured as switchport trunk native vlan 10.

The Vlan Gateway ip address is and the DataPort is planned as

I can not ping from now even though it is directly connected. I do believe this is related to the DataPort's native Vlan mismatching with my Cisco Port 1/0/1.

How can I change the DataPort Native Vlan to 10 to suit with this case?

Thanks for your helps in advance 

Let's Turn all STP off.

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2 m ago

Hi @SmallPotato,

Ruckus doesn't have any Native VLAN Concept. If you would like to untag any VLAN, just make DP VLAN as 1. The frames would be forwarded without any VLAN tagging.

Below command can be run to update VLAN settings.

ruckus> enable
ruckus# config
ruckus(config)# interface data
ruckus(config-interface)# VLAN <ID>



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