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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 7:09 AM

how to config lag in smartzone-dataplane


i have question

how to config lag in smartzone-dataplane

SZ-104D, 124D, 144D vSZ-D

i want lag config 10G+10G = 20G

but i can't find any command in dataplane

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1 y ago

Hi sungjin,
To the best of my knowledge LAGs were never a feature of SmartZone devices. However, with the release of SZ144, LAG support has been placed in the software release roadmap:

LAG Capability (Roadmap – Future Release TBD)
‒ Bonding up to 4 data ports to a LAG to create:
‒ 20Gbps, 30Gbps, and 40Gbps logical links over the 4 XGE (DP) Ports
‒ Allow options to create 2Gbps logical link over the 2 GE (DP) Ports

Can anyone from Ruckus provide an update on the availability timeframe of this functionality?

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