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Thu, Nov 18, 2021 1:54 PM

Add T310 to Ruckus Virtual SmartZone Controller


I am trying to convert the Ruckus T310 AP to join our managed smartzone controller. I have done this for our R310/R510 numerous times withou any issues but the putty commands don't appear to be the same or work.

I feel it needs a particular software install on it to work but I can't seem to find it or if its even possible!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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11 d ago

Hi Luke,

Can you share the screenshot of the command you are executing on this AP CLI and the output of "get version" from this AP.

Best Regards




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11 d ago

Hi Luke,

Thanks for reaching out to Ruckus. I am suspecting the T310 AP is on Unleashed version. 

Are you seeing any Configure_me SSID when the AP is powered on? If yes, try to connect to the Configure_me open SSID and open any browser on your system, and type "unleashed.rucksuwireless.com" or ""

If you are able to access the Unleashed setup wizard that means you need to upgrade the T310 AP to any Solo image version e.g 114.x or 110.x version to connect the AP to the controller.

You can download the solo version from the below URL:


You can upgrade the AP from CLI via TFTP/FTP. Below is the KB to upgrade the APs from CLI:


Please let us know if there are any queries, would love to answer them.

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