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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 5:31 PM

Zero-IT device registration & DPSK on Smarzone 144

I'm setting up a new Smartzone 144 cluster and am trying to figure out how to duplicate the Zero-IT device registration that allows our users to sign in to the portal on the controller and pass Active Directory credentials in order to get a DPSK for our BYOD network. This has been working great on our ZoneDirectors, but I've seen suggestions that this functionality has been deprecated. Really that's what I want to figure out - is this still possible on the new controllers.


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2 m ago

Zero-IT functionality has never existed in any version of SZ code.  DPSK is there, but no Zero-IT.  I know that many have submitted feature requests to add it, but I am not sure of the status.  Since your users have AD accounts, that means you also have NPS and certificate services.  Setting up RADIUS could be a good alternative.    

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