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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 2:25 PM

Wlan firewall profile precedence

I cannot seem to find an answer to this in the documentation, in zone director this was much more clear-cut than smartzone:

In smart zone, which Firewall Profile setting takes precedence, WLAN Firewall Profile & limits or User Role Traffic Profile & Firewall Profile?

I have a wlan w/ WPA2 Enterprise Auth configured and also have a default FW Profile set, but it appears that clients that have AAA User Role Mapping with limits that exceed those of the FW Profile are not able to download at the higher rate. 

IE FW profile downlink rate is 20mbps, AAA User Role Rate limit is 50mbps but the client appears to be limited still at 20mbps.


Accepted Solution

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2 m ago

what version of SZ are you running? 

Have you looked at Services & profiles - Access Control - Precedence


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