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Thu, Jan 31, 2019 9:02 AM

Web authentication VSZ

Good morning
I have a VSZ version
Can I authenticate on the controller web page and CLI SSH via LDAP or RADIUS?
Or does it only work through local users?
Thnak you


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2 years ago

Hi Giorgio,
A few things: 
  1. You need to go to the Administration section of the product to configure admin AAA authentication: Administration > Admins & Roles > AAA. You're currently configuring the section for WLAN AAA authentication, not Admin AAA authentication.
  2. Once setup, you'll need a little bit of extra configuration on the server side to map LDAP user roles into SZ user roles. Here's a slightly older (don't worry, it's still relevant) knowledgebase article that explains how it works:
  3. If those steps look too much, in SZ 5.1, we added a new feature to support default user mapping so you can avoid the AAA to SZ role mapping definition attributes on the AAA server side.