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Fri, Jun 12, 2015 4:04 PM


vSCG events email notifications

I have a Carrier vSCG with different domains. Is it possible to send email notification to an specific email address (ej: customer email address), so they can receive only their domain events?
On Configuration-vSCG Carrier System, I can configure the global parameters to Event Management, but I need to notify specific events related with the different client domains.



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5 years ago

This appears to be a popular request Alejandro.

We have two pending Feature Requests.

Let your local Ruckus SE or Reseller know you want them to endorse these requests

(in order to give Product Marketing the news).

- FR-1774 SmartZone-c: Restricted report generation allowed for
tenant admin

- FR-1775 SmartZone-c: Restricted Zone event alert configuration
for tenant admin