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Mon, Sep 25, 2017 12:29 PM


VM tools Virtualsmartzone

Hi !

- Is it possible to install VMware tools on the Virtual Smartzone Gateway ? If yes, is there any  documentation or i have to refer to the CentOS documentation ?

- Does Ruckus continue the support if we install this on the virtual machine ?

Thank you for your answer !


Melvyn Guibout


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3 years ago

You install VMware on your CentOS linux environment, then can install VMware tools.
Virtual SmartZone is an Application, that you can load under VMware.  We support
the vSZ, but you need Admin skills for your OS and VM platforms.

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3 years ago


thank for your reply !
My virtual Smart Zone is already installed on my VMware ESXi. I have to install VMware tools on the virtual machine now. as i did not find any documentation about VMware tools for the virtual Smart Zone i thought it has to be installed in the OVA (which is CentOS based).