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Fri, May 20, 2016 10:03 AM


SCG200 list Data Plane physical ports

On the SCG is possible to see the status of the 2 logical Data plane interfaces.
Is it possible to see the 4 physical ports (DP0-0, DP0-1, DP1.0, DP1-1)?

Suppose that the DP1-0 fail, the DP1-1 became active, this failure raise any alarm on the SCG?


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5 years ago

I believe you will see an alarm on SCG.

I find some SNMP OIDs that appear to monitor Data Plane port up/down too.

I load one set of MIBs for SCG/vSZ-H, and one for SZ-100/vSZ-E, ie for SZ 3.2 and 3.1.2 respectively.

Find also the separate SNMP reference guides for each, with each release.


   I can’t easily identify what OIDs might
represent SCG physical ports over vSZ-H, or how they’re

handled if related to physical port by
vSZ-H.  But a ruckusSCGDPPhysInterfaceUp trap, points to a Data Plane

(physical or virtual?) as one
possibility that I see. And there’s an opposite ruckusSCGDPPhysInterfaceDown trap

for the other state of DP. 

     Maybe also ruckusSCGNodePhyInterfaceUp and ruckusSCGNodePhyInterfaceDown traps

too?   That’s
my first glace thru an SCG/vSZ-H SNMP Ref guide.