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Mon, Jun 13, 2016 8:21 AM

Remove Ap from Event Management vsz-h

Hi, I want to exclude 3 of my vsz-h managed AP:s from the event management. I cant find information on how often the controller will sent e-mail alarms if an AP goes Offline. Will it only send 1? Or will it repeatedly send alarms regarding these 3 AP:s that we need to dissconect for a longer period of time?


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5 years ago

We have no way to "exclude" certain APs from syslog/events, but you should only get one Email when AP goes
Offine, and will not repeat, until AP has been back online and goes Offline again.

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5 years ago

Thank you Michael. Another question on the subject. Will an AP send alarms whent it is placed in the Staging Zone?