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Tue, Nov 5, 2019 4:50 AM


Radius authentication with certificate and credentials ?

Hello, is it possible to have wifi users from Windows 10 authenticate via RADIUS with machine certificate, then also via username/password prompt ?
Not sure if you can authenticate with two consecutive methods like this via SmartZone 802.1x.
I would be using Windows NPS as the RADIUS server.


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a year ago

Hi Philip,

No, instead you can use DPSK; which is as secured as 802.1x and passphrase is tied to Mac address of the client.

Currently, authentication is supported Cert or Password and I think the Windows client machine can either be configured to username and password or cert but not both, is it something added newly on Windows 10 ?

Thnak you,





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a year ago

Hi Philip,

You can configure an NPS policy that include "User group" and "Machine group" under conditions although the NPS will only allow authentication through either a computer authentication or user authentication but not both. 

Best Regards

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a year ago

Hi Philip,
First sorry for late reply,

Yes with windows 10 you can you can authenticate a machine to connect to network (Wifi) then a user has to authenticate to login to machine. (it works same as wired machine)
I have tested it with NPS radius server successfully and it works perfectly.

In my case i am using this method for shared laptops.


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7 months ago

Hi Babar,
I'm not the windowsman , but I want to setup a Wifi network in the same way as you with
MS Server 2019. The user authentication via NPS works fine. Can you show me , only in bullet
points, what are the steps on NPS to realize a setup in the same way as yours.

Bets Regards !