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Tue, May 2, 2017 6:48 AM


Plz delete non-proxy-aaa setting under authentication setting on wlan setting level when it configured to wispr(hospot) mode for wlan.

Hi employee.

We tested many times about non-proxy-aaa mode when it configured wispr mode for wlan.

But it no effect, because SZ directly deliver radius packet to aaa server when wispr wlan mode.

I have tested it many times.

It's very confused to IT-manager.

Besides if sz is gone offline, wispr-wlan doesn't work.

Thus in wispr-wlan-mode, it don't need non-proxy-aaa-mode.

Plz delete non-proxy-mode at wispr-wlan-mode.



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4 years ago

Hi Jeronimo,
   Can you please open a ticket with tech support, to capture your environment
and see if a bug or feature request is necessary?  Please provide your platform
and SZ version details.