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Thu, Dec 5, 2019 10:30 AM


OID ZD 1200 and SZ100

Hi , 
I'm trying to monitor Ruckus ZD1200 and SZ100 using Zabbix , I downloaded the MIB from both of them and added it to the Zabbix server, I did snmpwalk but still can't find some OIDs:
I need OID for :
   - License APs
   - Total APs UP/DOWN
   - Device temperature
   - Support license expiration
   - APs License expiration.

   - Firmware Version
   - License APs
   - Total APs UP/Down
   - Device temperature
   - Support license expiration
   - APs License expiration

any help pls
Thank you 


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a year ago

Hi, Mohamed
My expirience is not aroung Zabbix but maybe useful some.
For my ZDs I very glad to use convenient flexmaster-multisite manager from Ruckus. Unfortunately it does not works whith SZs.

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a year ago

Hi Mohamed,

I was able to find the below OIDs, I hope these helps you.


Total number of AP License :   .
Total Online AP :   .
Total APs (Online and Offline):   .
AP Status :   .

SZ100 OIDs:

Controller Firmware version :   .
AP Firmware :   .
Total number of AP License :   .
Total APs (Online and Offline) :   .
AP Status :   .
Connected AP on the Zone :   .
Disconnected AP on the Zone :   .
SZ Temperature status :   .