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Tue, Jun 2, 2020 1:55 AM


mqtt ruckus smartzone

I have tested out mosquitto an open source implementation of mqtt protocol. The protocol runs over tcp/ip protocol. In the source code, there are 3 components.
1> mosquitto server. It is responsible for receiving the messages from publisher and sending the message to subscriber.

2>mosquitto_pub: publishes the message.

3>mosquitto_sub: subscriber. It receives the message.

Currently it has been tested in unauthenticated mode.

The above components are working fine.

Ruckus client has provided a jar file and script ( in MockSCI-TLS.tar(subscriber).

The script is unable to connect and receive  messages from the mosquitto broker.

Please ask Ruckus to look into the MockSCI issue.


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5 months ago

Please open a ticket.