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Sun, Mar 22, 2020 7:48 PM

in Non-Proxy mode and local breakout case is the vSZ involved in Wispr Call FLow?

Dear commscope community,

I'd like to know if the controller (vSZ-, ZD or other) is involved any part of the Call flow with External Wispr portal and AAA platform like Linkyfi for example or it is the access point who is doing all the job (redirection, radius request, authorization, ..etc)



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7 months ago

Hi Anas,

With am 802.1X RADIUS configuration in 'Non-Proxy Mode' the RADIUS traffic breaks out directly from the AP (from the SmartZone user guide): 
  • Specifies the server used for authentication on this network. By enabling proxy, authentication requests will flow through the controller. In a non- proxy mode, the AP will communicate directly with the authentication server without going through the controller.
Regarding WISPr authentication, there is the option for redirecting users directly from the AP in the event the controller is not available:
  • Redirect unauthenticated user: APs can perform WISPr redirection. Native WISPr support is available on SZ-managed APs even if access to SZ is not available. It supports external portal redirection with survivability when APs cannot reach the centralized SZ. It also supports backup portal redirection if primary portal is down. The WISPr authentication load can be distributed to AP or use an AP as a WISPr authentication backup.
I hope this helps, for further details, please see the SmartZone Admin User Guide:[SZ100]

Best regards,